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What is Taka Chi?

The Adobe barn in early morning light
The light of "Taka Chi"!

Taka Chi is a name a bit like Hagen Daz. It is a stretched translation of "Heavenly Chi." Heavenly Chi, or Heavenly energy, is the energy created just before sunrise, when the first light of the sun is being pushed across the earth. Taoist Masters feel that this is the most energetically potent time of day. They use this time to stand outside and do their forms, gathering this energy into their bodies.

This, for us, is the time of day that birds sing and everything seems possible. Horses, sunrise and endless possibility - it all is a natural fit for a training stable in the heart of a valley at the base of the mountains, especially ones with the power and majesty of Mt Blanca and Little Bear.

On Sacred Ground

Walking, and riding, in the lap of Mount Blanca, gives one the feeling of timelessness. There is a vibration from these mountains that all who come here can feel. When you study the history of Mount Blanca, this feeling is easily explained.

SISNAAJINII- WHITE SHELL MOUNTAIN is the Navajo name for Mt Blanca, the name Spanish explorers gave when they first explored this valley. In a quote from the Navajo people:

"We call the mountain before you Sisnajinii. This mountain is one of our four sacred peaks which cradle Navajo land. We believe that First Man and First Woman came up from the underworld and placed 4 grains of sand that made four mountains. They dressed them in four colors and put them in the four directions that form the edge of Navajo Land. White Shell Mountain forms the eastern doorway onto Navajo Land."

Many Native American tribes feel that the San Luis Valley and Mt Blanca, are a doorway where humans and spirit enter and leave this world. While the Ute Indians first encountered Spanish explorers in 15ninety eight, no white or Spanish settlements were established until the mid eighteen hundreds.

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