Taka Chi
Dressage Stables

The Program

On site training is offered for both horses and riders. Lessons are available on an individual basis, or can be arranged with sets of 2-3 compatible riders. Riders must first ride in an individual lesson for assessment before group lessons will be structured.

Training is available for riding horses from starting under saddle to Grand Prix. All horses and riders work with both Sarah and Clayton unless otherwise requested. Training packages are arranged on an individual basis depending on the needs of the horse. Young horses or horses in piaffe training may be brought out twice a day for shorter periods.

Riders may also choose to ride two times a day if they are only here for a short time and their horse is fit enough.

Horses may be worked in the round pen, in the arena, on long lines or taken out for roads and track work, depending on what their needs are. Both Sarah and Clayton utilize long lining in their training. Individual long line lessons can also be requested.

Clinics and Symposiums

Both Sarah and Clayton are available for clinics. 3-6 months are needed to arrange dates. You can view their clinic schedule on the calendar.

In addition to standard dressage clinics, Sarah also conducts Pilates for Dressage clinics with Janice Dulak, and Teaching the Rider to Feel Symposiums. These can be arranged by contacting Sarah.

Contact Sarah at ahd@indra.com for current prices on lessons, training and clinic fees.

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